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How to bring the california casual look to your atlanta home: statement chairs

So….you want your home to feel relaxed, comfortable… easy. The kind that welcomes you in and invites you to stay a while. And, most importantly? You want your home to tell your story—not the one that everyone on the block is telling, but the one that’s unique to you and your experience.

How do you bring all that home? It’s not as hard as you may think.

To tell your “story”, you can never go wrong with something you love. Whether it’s photos, artwork, pieces from your travels…those are the items that work together as snapshots to form the bigger picture of your collected life.

As for the easy, accessible style? That’s where a bit of California Casual comes in. Let’s take a look…

Step 1 / Simple, Yet Irresistibly Inviting Sofa

Keep it simple! Clean lines, nothing precious, and the cushions should be screaming at you to curl up and binge watch a little Netflix. As for color, think pale, white, neutral, light, airy… any adjective that you can come up with that feels like a breezy, coastal day.

How to bring the california casual look to your atlanta home: inviting sofa
Via Vogue

Step 2 /  Statement Chair

Yep, you see them everywhere. Usually it’s a chair in an interesting shape or material that stands out on its own. Make sure you have a cute little table (or stool) next to the chair… you always need a place to put your drink. 😉

Step 3 / A Variety of Wood Tones

Mix. It. Up. Work with what you have, and don’t worry if everything doesn’t match. Ready for a big secret? It shouldn’t match or look too perfect. Wood should have a patina, a story, a bit of “weather” to it.

Think of a rustic beam in a Santa Barbara hacienda…or the weathered wood floors of a PCH surf shack…or maybe the rich tones of cedar combined with grainy oak barrels in a Napa Valley winery…just warm it up with wood–and get ready to chill.

Step 4 / Lighting as an Unexpected Twist

Here’s the chance to bring in a little touch of modern. Think table lamps with a bit of shine… or a modern, unexpected ceiling fixture that generates interest when set against all the relaxed, organic pieces throughout the rest of the space.

It’s that “contrast” that creates interest…and it’s that contrast that will always give you that unexpected twist that’s fabulous.

Step 5 / Oversized, Statement Artwork

This one’s easy now… find something big, beautiful, and relaxing enough to immediately whisk you to your happy place.

Step 6 / Green Accessories …Literally

One of my favorite accessories is plants… and you need at least one. And by need, I mean need. Seriously, go outside and cut some branches from the yard and put them in a tall vase… buy a plant or two… but bring some of the outside in and watch your space transform!

Step 7 / Fifty Shades of (White) Paint

Let’s not go crazy here—ideally you’d like the walls and trim to be close, if not the same color. Want added interest? Add some trim details to the walls (planking, pecky cypress paneling, a ceiling detail)… then paint those the same color as everything else. 😉

How to bring the california casual look to your atlanta home: white paint
Amy Bartlam via

Welcome home… easy, relaxed, livable, and oh so inviting. What’s not to love? 😉

That’s it for today, but I’ll have more inspiration flowing your way soon. Subscribe to Looped for first dibs (you’ll want ‘em!) and I’ll see you then!


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