5 Ideas for Effortless Tablescaping this Thanksgiving

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Whoever said we couldn’t keep things light, easy, and warm this time of year? Less fuss, more beauty, and deeper connections? I believe we can have it all…especially around the holidays. Who’s with me?!

Which brings me to today’s post… because in case you haven’t heard, Thanksgiving is in a few days. How did this happen? *Gulp!* But that doesn’t mean we have to sprint to the store right this second to buy all the things.

We can keep it effortless, use mostly what you have on hand, and make it memorable. I’ve got you, my friends.

Here are a handful of ideas for easy, effortless tablescaping this Thanksgiving… so you can get on with your holiday and enjoy! 

1. Mix. it. up.

And I don’t just mean cocktails. 😉 In the real world, not everyone has 12 (or 20!) of the same plates and glasses to set their holiday tablescape. So why go out and buy them when you could mix and match the glasses, dishes, and servingware you already have?

You can keep your mixed table looking effortlessly cohesive by pulling it all together with one unifying item: linen napkins or easy, woven placemats. I’m in!

2. Everything is better by candlelight

Just as in decorating, lighting needs to be placed at a low level, high level, and somewhere in between…

Overhead lights will have the high level covered. Lamps usually take care of the low level, and you can tackle that “in between” part with candles of varying heights!

A few tea candles and candlesticks will make easy, moody magic on your holiday table.

3. Layer with textures

I think everyone who knows me would say I live by this rule — and they’d be right! Layering textures, especially natural ones, makes a scene classy and comfortable with little effort required. I’m confident you can do it, too.

Pair glass or ceramics with woven with fabrics and greenery… use a throw blanket as a tablecloth… splash some color in with knotted linen napkins over dishware.

Once you’ve added some soft textures to your tablescape, you’ll immediately feel those warm cozy vibes coming to life.

4. Style your tablescape with edible decor

It can be tempting to see huge centerpieces and feel the pull to get one for ourselves, but if you’re keeping it easy this year, you don’t have to harness your inner florist. I have a better idea…

Hit up the farmers market and pull together whatever looks fresh and fabulous! In other words, let nature do the work. 😉

Some ideas could be pomegranates, figs, pumpkins, pears with the steam and leaves still attached, etc. Bonus points if you can eat these items with dessert!

5. Bring the outside in…

You knew I was going to say this… just like decorating your home, a tablescape can get a boost of gorgeousness with a touch of the outdoors.

Assemble clipped branches in a vase for large scale display. Gather pinecones and magnolia leaves to create a natural “table runner.” You could even get a few buckets of rosemary from the local nursery to sprinkle around.

Or, if it’s warm enough in your part of town (pretty sure it won’t be in Atlanta), take it all outside! #beachholiday, anybody?

My last tip is to keep it simple, fuss-free, and have fun with it. Just a few small and thoughtful details will go a long way toward a beautiful table and a family who be delighted to gather around it.

If you do style a tablescape, I’d love to see it! Share it on Instagram and tag @tarafustdesign so I can applaud you. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


featured image: Domino.com

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