hey there, i'm tara fust

Creative, Driven, All In.

I'm the daughter of an interior designer who grew up living in homes that were constantly evolving, changing...being redone. Combine that with the sunshine and beaches of Southern California and it’s no surprise I’m living a creative life that’s inspired by easy, beautiful living.

the fat:

A move South and the springboard of a little home furnishings store—plus a handful of great clients—and I’ve found my place. It's about creating homes and spaces that invite you in, beg you to stay, and want to hang out a while. You want a home that feels like your home? I've got your back. :)

the skinny: 

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someplace new!


really love.... great lighting

New cultures, food, people, color, architecture... I always return from a trip energized, full of ideas, and ready to do it all again.

…and oversized graphic prints and layers of texture and a comfy, deep sofa and a touch of modern mixed with a bit of "soul". You get the idea: My profession chose me. #lovemyjob



my happy place:
the beach


love a good... margarita

You knew I couldn't get through this without a shout out to my fave: East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast...it's all good. It's a scientific fact that a little sand between your toes and salt in your hair does wonders for the soul.

Not too sweet, not too heavy and just the right amount of salt on the rim (don't be crazy with it!). Pair that up with chips and guacamole, and as the kids say: I'm done. 

and of course, life is better with

my people.

Even though my nest is empty, my head and heart are full with thoughts of them...always. Hands down the best thing I ever did was bump into a tall, handsome, hilarious guy in a bar over 20 years ago…simply put: the rest is history. #familyiseverything

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We're a creative studio who believes that what we're doing is delivering more than furniture or a great light fixture, we're really creating a feeling.



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If you're into spaces that feel as good as they look, a relaxed + unfussy approach, and believe that living better really can help you feel better, you're in the right place.

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