Princeton Way Remodel: Master Bathroom

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Classic marble. Effortless style. A fresh, breathable space. Yes, I’m talking about our Princeton Way Remodel, and today I’m inviting you behind the scenes! (Everyone loves a good before and after, right?)

The house itself is admittedly getting on in the years, hovering around 20 or so, but as busy executives, the couple had no desire (or time) to orchestrate a move.

They knew a fresh, modern kitchen update would do just the trick to breathe new life into the old space.

Of course, once we’d started designing the kitchen, their plans suddenly expanded to the living room, which then moved into the dining room, to the entryway, and who could say no to the master bedroom and bathroom? Definitely not us. 😉

Before long, we had touched almost every space and created an entirely new look for the home. The rest, as they say, is history.

For today, let’s walk through the master bathroom, which was quite a transformation in itself. Let’s go!


These clients love clean lines and have a fresh, current aesthetic that isn’t at all trendy… which doesn’t quite match the Before scene we’ve got going on here…


Isn’t this original wallpaper the best? Yes, it’s really wallpaper. 😉

Since the existing layout worked for their lifestyle, we decided to keep this footprint the same and simply replace and upgrade all the fixtures and finishes.

First step: take it down to the studs.



…it’s gone!

I know, I know, a demo pic never swept anyone off their feet, but the beauty is in the transformation. So eye it up and get ready…



Is there anyone who wants the old wallpaper back?

We replaced everything (literally) and chose timeless materials with pattern and personality for the plumbing, cabinets, countertops, lighting, and floor. The clean, bright cabinetry is particularly responsible for giving the space a new lease on life.


Marble tile transforms this simple shower and floor into quiet masterpieces. We paired them with polished nickel hardware for crisp, effortless elegance that will endure many, many years into the future. (We don’t believe in fuss!)


Also, we think it would be a crime not to mention this slate-toned Roman shade we found in linen (we love that tone and texture). It’s so simple, but it plays a huge role—making you notice the polished nickel and those gorgeous marble veins. And here’s a secret: there’s a motorized roller shade behind that linen shade so the client just has to push a button for complete privacy (and without crawling in the tub to make it happen)!


You don’t need a overcomplicated design to have an inspired space. We used that amazing marble again for our countertop, hand-selecting this particular slab for its highly graphic details and stunning presentation—super fun!


These sconces continue our theme of classic style, but the lucite detail in the “tail” adds some personality. Gotta love subtle flair!

Okay, let’s look at the full scene one more time…


Ahhhh. Doesn’t it evoke one of those deep, soul-happy sighs? And what a leap from how this space started!

The rest of the Princeton Way project turned out equally relaxing and inspiring. I’ll give you a little peek here, but you can find the rest in the TFD Portfolio.


And there you have it….and now that the TFD blog is officially open for business, I’ll be inviting you behind the scenes of more of our projects and happenings here at Tara Fust Design.

I can’t wait, and look forward to seeing you soon! 😉


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  1. Theresa says:

    Stunning, timeless and absolutely unfussy. Well done! 🙌

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