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Bring It Home: Creating Those Relaxed, Vacation Vibes

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Just think about your favorite vacation spot and instantly, you’re transported: The sweet scent of the ocean, or maybe it’s a lake house surrounded by pines and fresh air. Easy living, a corner spot to curl up and read, lounging around on a comfy sofa and taking those long afternoon naps. Sipping coffee (or something a little stronger) with your favorite people and nothing on the schedule except enjoying the day. #vacayvibes

If you’ve been following TFD, you know that we’re all about relaxed, easy, stylish spaces. And what’s more relaxing than vacation? We’ve ALL felt the effortlessly blissful living of vacation life, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t invite that feeling into our own homes 24/7!

Today we have 5 steps to bringing those vacation vibes home with you. Whether your last vacation was fairly recent or long past, these tips will have you relaxed and ready to chill in no time at all. 😉

tara fust design vacation vibes at home design atlanta buckhead ga
Rattan chair, layered throw, organic meets modern…so good!

Step 1 / Go Larger Than Life

When you walk into a resort or vacation spot, everything feels bigger. Art is larger, tables are longer, plants reach higher. And let’s face it, when we come face to face with bigger, it’s… well…

Better! It’s exciting, grand, and pretty much always a good idea.

Increase the scale of items in your own home to achieve that larger than life feeling home. Think on a grand scale, such as…

Plants with Big Character

tara fust design vacation vibes at home design atlanta buckhead ga oversized plants palms
This vase of giant palm leaves from a birds of paradise plant look effortlessly vacay!
Source: Inside Out

Oversized Art

tara fust design vacation vibes at home design atlanta buckhead ga dramatic art depth
Source: Raili CA Design

Pro Tip: Have a photo from a favorite vacation blown up and framed. Then give it center stage to keep that vacation feeling going strong! 

Another tip? Choose a photo with depth (like a landscape) and it will make your wall visually recede while creating huge impact. Hello, larger space! 

Dramatic Lighting

Use dramatic, oversized lighting to make every space just a little more special. #wehaveathingforgreatlighting

Step 2 / Layer Those Textiles

Mm-hm, you knew I couldn’t create a list without layering on it, right? 😉 When we enjoy the cozy comforts of a vacation, there’s almost always luxurious layers of pillows and throws inviting us into the sofa, the bed, or even outdoor seating. 

Layering is a simple technique you can use to give ANY space a cushy feel that makes you just want to sit down, settle in, and enjoy the day. Just don’t forget to #mixitup in unexpected ways for a dash of interest! From color to pattern to texture, the options are endless and the results can instantly elevate the space.

tara fust design vacation vibes at home design atlanta buckhead ga layered textiles
Mm-mm! Don’t you just want to snuggle into this sofa? Source: McGee & Co.

Pro Tip: Vacation can mean the chance to sleep in. So why not create a spot that encourages that at home? I love the idea of creating the kind of bed that invites an extended stay… from crisp linens and layered duvets to soft lighting and cushy down-filled pillows… you deserve the best! (I also read that the average human spends 26 years sleeping. We can absolutely make those years the coziest possible, right?)

An upholstered bed, layered pillows in different colors and textures (a textured wall!), and here’s the vacay piece: Dramatic pendant lighting combined with large vacation print! This space is doing it ALL right. 

Step 3 / Light My Fire

Just kidding. Light a fire. Visually, there’s something so simple yet so enchanting about a glowing fire. Which is probably why most vacation spots have some kind of glowing flame to put you in the mood. And you can do the same. It could come from lanterns on the porch, a fire pit, or a collection of candles at the table.

Don’t dogs look like they have the easiest, happiest lives ever? Light up the fireplace and you could feel just as relaxed. 😉 

But… don’t forget about the senses–specifically, your nose! More than what our eyes can see, scent is a the biggest player in whisking us to a favorite moment or place.

tara fust design vacation vibes at home design atlanta buckhead ga candles light fire scent memories
Source: Jenni Kayne

A scented candle from your favorite spot will transport you instantly to that special time or place. And let’s be honest, can we really have too many candles? Never. So sprinkle those all around your home for #allsortsof good vibes. 😉

Step 4 / The Gathering Table

Indoors or outdoors, long communal tables—where you can gather with family and friends—can help to break the everyday routine. Try replacing your chairs with a couple benches, hang some lights, and layer the table with luxe, summery linens. You could even decorate your table with candles or small vases of flowers.

Small changes can have a big impact… and a few easy touches can bring a little special something to the atmosphere.

Pro Tip: Great lighting shouldn’t just be for your interior… find a way to hang a great fixture over the table or string some lights in the trees. Soft lighting gives that “easy, relaxed feeling” that’s the hallmark or any memorable trip!

Step 5 / Create a Moment

Inside or outside… think about a place to create a “moment” that feels extra special, effortless, and worthy of becoming a highly anticipated daily retreat. Add a fun chair to your space…think hanging chair, a daybed for afternoon naps or reading time, or a chaise lounge to enjoy your morning coffee.

tara fust design vacation vibes at home design atlanta buckhead ga chair swing reading
Source: Domino

So, what are you waiting for? 5 steps to at-home vacation vibes that look and feel incredible.

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