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Easy Yet Unexpected Design Twists (That’ll Make You Look Twice)

Filed in: Design Insider

I love a room that’s easy on the eyes, well-edited, and seemingly effortless. It’s that last piece—effortless, collected, stylish—where the going can get a little tough.

The secret? Always toss in a little something unexpected… something that reflects what you love (maybe a favorite color), where you love to spend your time (think outdoors) or your personal style (can I get a vote for everything not being matchy-matchy?).

Today I’m sharing five easy ways to add an unexpected twist to your space… the kind that invites you in, inspires you to kick off your shoes, and makes you say ahhh…

1. Add a Touch of Bold Color

Yes, I love a white wall all day long, but I really love that unexpected dose of color in a cozy nook, a great hallway or maybe just an accent wall.

Take a look… and remember, it’s just paint. 🙂

2. Wallpaper Where You Least Expect It

We know a great graphic print will make a wall sing, but put it on the ceiling or even a small bit on the back of a bookcase, and you’ve got something a little more fabulous…

3. Bring the Outside In

From trees to a bunch of sticks (and I love a bunch of tall, flowing branches in a vase) to a surfboard, think outside the box… literally.

4. Say No to Matchy-Matchy

But you knew this already, right? It’s just the where and the how.

Think nightstands, think lighting, think about the chairs around your dining room table. A collected style done well is not only more exciting to our eyes, but can really reflect your personality. And that’s what it’s all about—making your home your own.

5. The Element of Surprise

Modern Traditional. The Unconventional Classic. New Bohemian. These days, the rules are pretty loose and a lot of what’s fresh is mixing the old with the new… and adding an element of surprise.

How about hanging art in the kitchen or mixing metal finishes? Take a peek…

The secret’s out. Whether you’re designing your entire north Atlanta home, your vacation property (hello, 30A), or even just a room you like to cozy up in, adding in an unexpected twist will take it from good to fabulous.

So I say keep it simple, keep it you, and go have some fun with it!

As always, we have more design inspiration coming your way soon—subscribe to Looped to be the first to know. 😉


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