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A Few of My Favorite Shops in the ATL

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Finding just the right pieces for our clients’ homes is easily one of my favorite parts of what we do. (I’m essentially a professional shopper: how lucky am I??) And when we can source items from right here in Atlanta’s backyard—that’s a win-win!

Today, I’m sharing six of my favorite Atlanta shops… and while I hate to let the secret out of the bag, you’ll keep it between us, right? 😉

Boxwood Gardens, Andrews Drive, Atlanta

I love this place. I can always find the exact, perfect something—gift, accessory, or “thing” for a hard-to-decorate spot. They have a beautiful garden, a team that creates custom arrangements (making it so easy for you to look like a million bucks), and they’re super friendly (always a MUST)!

Pro Tip: Head over there during the holidays for great ornaments and lots of design ideas for decking the halls. They even sell boxwood garland and custom wreaths so bringing the designer look home—without the sweat and stress—is a snap.

Favorite home shops in ATL, boxwood gardens
Favorite home shops in ATL, boxwood gardens
Favorite home shops in ATL, boxwood gardens

Dixon Rye, Howell Mill Road, Atlanta

Hands down my favorite store in the ATL. The store is amazingly beautiful and simply full of the very best things… and as if it couldn’t get any better, the owner is super nice. 🙂 If I ever were to open a store again, I would want it to be exactly like this one. I can get lost for hours in here… #inspired

Favorite home shops in ATL, Dixon Rye

Favorite home shops in ATL, Dixon Rye
Favorite home shops in ATL, Dixon Rye

Swoox, Andrews Drive, Atlanta

Here’s another well-kept secret that is tough to part with… but you’re worth it. This place has lots of great artwork by local artists… and, again, super friendly and amazing team to work with.

This is a “curated consignment” store, so the merchandise is constantly changing (so it’s never the same thing twice!)…and the owners have an amazing eye, so you’re always bound to find something to bring home. This is a run, don’t walk kind of place–and you’ll love it, I promise. 🙂

Favorite home shops in ATL, Swoox
Favorite home shops in ATL, Swoox

Le Jardin Français, Howell Mill Road, Atlanta

Favorite home shops in ATL, Le Jardin Francais

Yep, another plant store. (I really just need to go get a job at Pike’s…) I think anytime you can bring the outside in, it’s a win. And this spot has all sorts of unusual branches, flowers, sticks and… stuff… to elevate your home’s design with a few well-placed stems. Everything is so lovely, and I never leave here empty handed.

Favorite home shops in ATL, Le Jardin Francais

South of Market, Peachtree Hills Ave, Atlanta

Kay Douglass is one of my longtime favorite designers and greatest sources of inspiration (clean, beautiful… always really good). Her store in Peachtree Hills, South of Market, is always on the top of list when I want to see something different. It’s such a great place for seeing things in a new way and finding those unusual pieces that help ignite a thousand new ideas.

Favorite home shops in ATL, South of Market
Favorite home shops in ATL, South of Market

Looks like your weekend just filled up, huh? 😉

Let me know your thoughts, and feel free to share a few of your faves! Next up? We’re feeling the Left Coast, and have a few ideas for bringing easy, effortless California style home!  😉


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