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5 Simple + Interesting Ways to Add Art to Your Home

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If you follow our “Easy Like Sunday” Instagram stories every weekend, you know there’s nothing like art to turn a beautiful space into an effortlessly incredible one. Not to mention all the emotional benefits of art — the soothing vibes, cozy-relaxed feels, and everything in between!

So today, let’s talk about finding art you love and adding it to your space. Along the way, I’ll be sharing the work from a few of my favorite local Atlanta artists: Renée Bouchon, Allison James, and Blayne Macauley.

Because I can’t keep something this good to myself! Here’s how to find them and expand (or start) your collection…

 1. It Shouldn’t Be Work

Art should be something you love, that has a voice and speaks to you. It should resonate… because that’s the whole point, right? Finding an artist, or a piece, or a color palette that makes those little hairs on the back of your neck take notice.

So go for a piece that will grab your attention and makes you fall in love with your home just a little bit more each day. 😉

renee bouchon art above stone fireplace neutral cream effortless interior
A piece by one of my favorite Atlanta artists, Renée Bouchon.

2. The right pieces matter…make it count

When an artist puts their heart and soul into a piece, it resonates. Create a “moment” with a special piece, or pieces, by placing in an unexpected spot. Bringing together things you love always works, and has the greatest impact.

3. Go Big or Go Home

More is more: so go big or go home! (See how there really are no rules?) There’s nothing better than that high impact moment of walking in a space and seeing a piece that takes your breath away… especially if it’s in an unexpected place!

Pro Tip #1:

Art is best hung at eye level. That being said, rules are meant to be broken: so layer it, lean it, hang it on the front of a bookcase…just don’t hang it so high that you strain something trying to take a look. 😉

 4. Mix It Up!

Whether it’s a gallery wall or a cherished piece layered in with other treasures, good art plays well with others. Tuck a piece in a bookcase, layer over a mirror, or use artwork to bring an unexpected bit of luxe to any spot in your home.

Pro Tip #2

Hanging art over a sofa or console? The bottom of your piece should be about 5-7” from the top of the sofa or console. You’re creating a vignette—a collection—so let’s keep the items close together and feeling friendly.

By another of my favorite local artists, Allison James.

5. Be Fearless in Love

If you love it, you can find a place for it. If you love it, it can work. That’s it… and it applies to your house, your life… and guess what? If you start overlooking your favorite piece because you’re too used to it, move that beauty around from time to time to switch things up and get a fresh perspective!

Just say yes, and be happy, my friend.

By the ever-talented local Atlanta artist, Blayne Macauley.

And that’s it — 5 tips for an everything-goes, no-rules approach to finding art that you love AND that looks incredible in your space.

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