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While we normally aren’t spending ALL our time at home (these really aren’t the most normal of times, right?), we are big advocates of loving where you live, and helping you create that look to feel the love.

open concept white kitchen
Open kitchen, and everything in its place (source)

So instead of scrolling away wishing, wondering, and hoping for new ways to #getthelook, we’ve got a few fast & easy ideas on how to #hunkerhome, create a home for real life, and get it done. Your home is the place to create warm family memories, sink into a casual, cushy sofa with your all your favorites, enjoy life and relax. So, c’mon, let’s get started…it’s time to love your home.

Pssst…and just in case you missed it, we shared some favorite inspo on Easy Design Twists, to inspire putting a new spin on an old space (right here).

1. Edit, edit…and then edit again

Definitely not sexy, but mandatory. We have things out and around the house that we don’t even see anymore. Corral your stuff–that stuff on a shelf, in a corner, on a countertop– into one of three places: 1. out in the open so you can see it and love it, 2. tucked away for when you need it (but don’t need to see it daily), or 3. in the donation bin.

kitchen trend 2020 open shelving natural brown white stone warm woods buckhead tara fust
A well-edited shelf–similar colors, tones, and room to breathe (source)
foyer design home entry atlanta interior designer
Singular, stylish items blend together to set the tone…less is more (source)
marble bathroom 2020 bathroom trends marble countertop wall faucet
Matching baskets keep loose things tidy + that counter is very well edited (source)

2. Paint it

Paint has the superpower to instantly transform any space…which is why paint is our favorite tool in the toolbox. Did you know we just released a guide of our go-to paint colors? Click here to join our email list and get your copy…in the meantime, take a look at how a little paint goes a long way.

dining room ideas white paint color tara interior home design visual comfort light
Painted floors #morethanalittleinlove (source)
mudroom wallpaper dark cabinets patterned floor shiplap boho style
A lot more interesting than if it were the same color as the wall (source)
painted door gray paint white paint california style best paint color
A great smoky color on a door changes everything (source)

3. #wfh, in real life

The struggle is real, but we promise: with a little thinking outside the box, a good sized-table (located near an outlet…extra points if it’s in front of a window), a comfy chair, and one or two unexepcted accents, make working from home even more appealing.

home office design work from home white paint
Work at home…a great fixture, large workspace, and stylish accents #allgood (source)
creative atlanta design home office wallpaper ceiling visual comfort light corkboard in office
Room for you, room for the littles (source)
home studio work from home artist studio cb2 table best white paint
I love everything about this #mixandmatch (source)

Lastly, wander outside…

Outdoor rooms are definitely a thing, so let’s give them a little well-deserved attention. Bring the indoors out and start using–really using–any outside area to get some fresh air. Set up a conversation spot (sofa, chairs, a place to put your feet up), a dining table to eat under the star…new lighting, some fresh pillows or even a few lanterns will invite you out and ask you stay a while.

tara fust design trend spotting outdoor room indoor outdoor atlanta interior designer
From the chairs to the lighting to the rug, we’re in (source)

Real life is messy, but your home is definitely an “essential” spot. Some easy ideas to help? Filling your home with items you truly love, employing a few well-placed baskets, and exercising some tough-love edits can go a long way to help you get that designer look we all want. And, we’d argue, you might even love where you live.

Still need a little help? We’re always just a click away…let’s chat!


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