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Planes, trains, automobiles…I’m always inspired by a change of place. The new cultures, foods, people, things, colors, architecture, pace — I always (always, always!) return from a trip energized, inspired, full of ideas, and ready to do it all again!

prague style danube river trip wanderlust travel inspo
So. Much. Fun!

Last year, my favorite husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Prague and Budapest. So much fun—the rich history, unique places, the architecture and food(!) did not disappoint. When you see these photos, I think you might agree…let’s look…a few things to do in Prague, then even more inspo in Budapest!

Design Inspo: Prague Style

Our trip started in Prague, where we did an e-bike tour through the city. Okay, let me just stop right here and say that if you’ve never done this, put this on your “must do” list ASAP (and a big THANK YOU to DL who gave us the rec!). If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to cover lots of ground, this is it. We covered so much of the city: castles, breweries, churches, taverns, the Eiffel Tower of Prague, a park/beer garden on top of a hill that overlooked all of Prague…we also made some great new friends along the way. 

Speaking of friends…

prague design inspiration metal work artistry tara-fust-design
Fascinating, detailed metalwork.
design inspiration from prague castle turrets gothic architecture
What’s a trip to Europe without a giant medieval castle? Exactly.
prague design wrought iron gates castle archway stone design
Gorgeous stone archway. Wrought iron gates. Egg and dart molding. Loved it!
door prague painted wood geometric design classic timeless inspiration tara fust
Simply decadent doors… and in so many styles and colors…wouldn’t this look amazing as a pantry or laundry door? I took many (many!) photos of doors!
prague design inspiration blue door circle window pale blue wall
Muted sapphire, cream, eyebrow arch and powder blue…always timeless…and notice the brass backplate on the handle #detailsmatter
tara fust design john-lennon-tribute wall prague

…and Robin’s egg blue! Would you have guess this was a grocery market? I’m loving the black door straps on the blue door…did you see the pattern in the cobblestone street?

My favorite sight in Prague was the John Lennon tribute wall… I had no idea it was there but I loved it!

john lennon tribute wall color words inspiration memory
Layers of memory, human connection, and color. Yes, please.

We actually did a river cruise on the Danube, so after a couple days on our own in Prague, we then traveled down the river, stopped at several towns along the way, and ended the trip in Budapest! (Who knew river cruises were a thing?!)

Design Inspo: Budapest

Hands down, the most impressive sight of the trip was arriving in Budapest via boat at night and seeing the castles and architecture lit up.

It was literally breathtaking. As in, my breath caught in my throat and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Just…wow.

hungarian house of parliament gothic turrets arches night lights breathtaking budapest
The Hungarian Parliament Building, complete with turrets, a central dome, arches, and Gothic architecture. I still can’t stop looking.
budapest design pillars inspiration tara fust design
I know Europe is famous for its history and architecture, but the sights in Budapest were stunning, outside…
budapest ceiling painting art ancient design medieval inspiration
…and inside. It’s impressive how truly ancient these places are and, in a way, still timeless.
design inspiration metal door handle detail curling shape medieval
Okay, couldn’t resist another door… would you check out this handle situation??

Aside from the design inspiration (though I know that’s why you’re here!), we found Budapest to be such a vibrant, young, cosmopolitan city. No other way to say it…it was a lot of fun…and we’d do it again in a heartbeat! (Did I mention we did another eBike tour here? Sooooo good!)

local budapest culture young hip cool modern tara fust design inspiration buckhead atlanta
If you’re in Budapest, check out the Ruins district…so many hidden gems #notranslationneeded…and the retractable skylights? Love!!!
buda fckn pest sign budapest design inspiration character tara fust buckhead
Couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉

Okay, just a few more…

Somewhere between Prague…on the way to Budapest…this palette is #sogood
Am I the only one who thinks this looks like Rosemary Beach? #love30A
Classic charm for the win….every time!

I could probably go on for way too long, but let’s wrap things up here. And, if you haven’t already clicked your way to planning your next trip, what are you waiting for? #letsdothis


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