5 Kitchen Design Trends We’re Eating Up in 2020

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Can we talk about how much I love a great kitchen? You know the one I’m talking about. Smitten at first glance…. you feel completely at home… you’re inspired to relax and to get great (delicious) things done. Not to mention, it is literally *the* spot where everyone gathers when anyone is over.

kitchen design taupe cabinets marble backsplash island buckhead

It’s official. “New Year, New Kitchen” is a thing! And in case you missed it, we launched the New Year with this Timelessly Fresh Kitchen Reveal.

So before we blink and it’s summer, let’s scroll through five kitchen design trends I can’t wait to see more of in 2020. And, of course, you know it’s not your grandma’s kitchen!

Sidebar: I’m so into them, some of the pictures capture more than one of these design elements. See if you can spot which ones. 😉

1. Open Shelving

You know I love cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling, but there’s something about open shelving that is effortlessly classic. Add some gorgeous stone to the mix and I’m in love.

kitchen trend 2020 open shelving natural brown white stone warm woods buckhead tara fust
Warm tones are still all the rage… (source)
kitchen trend open shelving 2020 natural grey stone pink dishes
Open shelving makes this a yummy spot! (source)

2. Mixing & Matching: Kitchen Edition

Are you surprised that we’re fans of mixing and matching? Of course not! Contrasting wood tones. Perimeter and island finish. A little variety makes everything oh so much better. 

mixed kitchen rustic plaster hood wood island classic blue cabinets atlanta
A pinch of rustic, a dollop of classic, and a large helping of effortless. (source)
kitchen trends natural gold grey white stone modern lighting classic navy cabinets
This one’s a total fan favorite. #morethanalittleinlove (source)

3. Unexpected Wall Treatments & Materials

Incorporating something unexpected to a room is pretty much always a good idea. These creative wall treatments whisk me away to dreamy, faraway places (think European farmhouse, a villa overlooking the Med…). Plus, you know I never say no to a mix of textures!

kitchen trend natural stone wall unexpected touch industrial lighting atlanta interiors tara fust
Natural materials always look effortless. Cocktails at the island, anyone? (source)
brick wall white painted open shelving classic creative atlanta design
Texture. Interest. Contrast. What’s not to love?? (source)

4. Colorful Kitchen Tile

Colorful tile instantly boosts the character and playfulness of a space. (All part of those unexpected twists we love.) The best part? You can go small with a tile backsplash or bold with a full wall. Yes, a full wall…to the ceiling. 🙂

interior design atlanta kitchen trends 2020 blue tiles handpainted open shelving
Simple concept. Beautiful results. (source)
gold yellow range backplash wood beam white brick interior design buckhead tara fust
Dinner and a show. 😉 (source)
full wall geometric tile blue yellow white apron sink blue cabinets open shelving north atlanta
I promised you a full wall, didn’t I? And I spy open shelving… (source)

5. Unique Hood Design

I’ve seen some pretty breathtaking range hoods recently, but it’s more the material than the style that’s on my radar. Plaster hoods, steel hoods…let’s think outside the box: different is beautiful!

tara fust design trend spotting steel hood kitchen design timeless
Steel hood, call me. (source)
plaster hood natural stone whitewshed exposed beams classic white kitchen tara fust design buckhead
Between the plaster hood, exposed white-washed beams, and stone backsplash, I can’t get this kitchen out of my head. (source)

So, what do you think? Which of these 5 design trends is your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comments below. 🙂

And if you’re ready for a New Year, New Kitchen in your house, let’s chat!


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