How to Create a Home Office to be Obesessed With

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Even though we’re still face-maskin’ it over here (client meetings, showroom visits, installations…you name it), working from home has quickly become the new normal. You too?

I know that many of us already worked from home at least a day or two out of the week, but now that 1-2 days has become every weekday… well, our work spaces are a bit more important. And let’s face it… a boring office does not inspire greatness!

Here’s a better idea… what if your home office gave you all the right feels? You know… the ones that warm you up inside, give you that thrill of excited creativity. The ones that help you be effortlessly productive, because #reallife. Who’s with me?!

If you’re eager for a home office that you’re secretly (or not so secretly) obsessed with, these 7 tips and nearly 20 inspirational office photos are sure to lead you in the right direction…

1/ Keep it easy like Sunday

Whoever said your home office had to be traditional? These days, you don’t need to dedicate an entire room as your working space (unless you really want to). You can keep it simple with a few simple basics.

home office leather modern chair gallery wall inspiring desk with storage buckhead
Desk, chair, and a gallery wall for inspiration? Yes, please! source

Simply put, that means a table, a chair, and an outlet… wherever they may be found! Random, well-lit nook? Yes–it’s the perfect spot to review email or read reports. Next to your bed? Why not. At the glorious foot of your living room’s built-in shelving? Now you’re talking. 😉

Pro Tip: Repurpose what you already have into work furniture, and skip the standard melamine options! #winwin

2 / Convert the (once-a-year) dining room into a work retreat

Let’s be honest, that dining room of yours probably doesn’t get a lot of attention, especially these days. So why not transform it into a work space you’re totally smitten with? There’s plenty of space. It’s usually flooded with natural light. Not to mention that most dining rooms have plenty of interesting character.

I say work with what’s there… in the best possible way!

Goodbye dining table, hello live-edge wooden desk, lively rug, and elegantly traditional details. source

Pro Tip: Pull the desk/table/workspace away from the wall! Don’t be afraid to float the furniture to create an immediate sense of style and place.

warm airy home office leather chairs rug wood desk window view interior design buckhead tara fust
Have a window with a great view? That’s a great place for a desk…even if it’s in the bedroom. source

3 / Think of your home office as a studio

Pull together all the pieces and parts you need to make the office yours… cups for pens and pencils, speakers or headphones for a little music…artwork or photos that inspire you. Fill a vase with flowers for your “desk”, and/or move things around so you have the best view in the house.

Remember, it’s your house, so you make the rules on office décor. If it inspires you, it’s right!

Pro Tip: Try mood beats designed to help you focus. Noisli is a great resource for this. Crackling fires, soothing rain, chirping birds… it’s all there!

tara fust design firm buckhead home office photo corkboard dramatic pendants glass
A creative studio just waiting to welcome and inspire! source
creative studio space in home office leather chair corkboard wall creative inspiring
Let’s definitely borrow the idea of corking an entire wall. It’s an at-a-glance reminder gallery / idea board / calendar wall…a great mix of functional and interesting.
source unknown

4 / Lighting is key to an inspired workspace

You know I can’t resist an opportunity to talk about lighting! In the case of a home office or work space, you’ll want task lighting AND a great lamp or chandelier. Trust me, that dramatic piece will change how you feel and how excited you are to start your work day. (We’re definitely speaking from experience.)

So take a peek at some of the examples below, and then have some fun with it!

Pro Tip: For Zoom calls, make sure you’re not sitting with your back to a window! You’ll also want to place the camera above your face, even if you have to set your laptop on a box or stack of books so you’re looking slightly up into the camera. It makes a difference!

modern home office wood oversized lighting abstract art ideas inspiration
Modern, branched lighting for a cerebral feel…and the paneled walls? So good! source
home office design inspiration buckhead built in shelving desk leather chair oversized art rug
A single globe pendant for a touch of drama. source
home office dramatic lighting buckhead tara fust interior design
A black, modern take on a traditional lantern that reminds you to look up. But wait: they took an existing secretary and turned it into a really great moment…and a cool spot to work. source

5 / Add an unexpected twist to your home office

Remember when I shared this post about adding unexpected twists to your space? Well… your home office is a great place to do it!

A card table and folding chair are not going to inspire you to conquer the world. Instead, have some fun with paint, such as the walls, ceiling, or trim (or maybe all three…all the same color!). Or, you could try one bold color to create a unique sense of place, like these…

built in cabinets desk drawers lighting cobalt blue buckhead
A playful yet elegant blue with brass accents and a a built-in marble desk. I’m in! source
home office design inspiration moody navy workspace
Moody navy and bright art make this an office space with good vibes only. source

6 / Need to share your home office?

Chances are… you’re not alone in working from home. Maybe hubby needs a seat at the table or you have little ones clambering for some elbow room. No sweat…take a look.


Flip the script (or the table) and add a chair. Voilà! Or, create “work stations” in one large room. If there’s a will, there’s always a way to make it di-vine!

bright white home office leather backed metal chairs desk plants
Airy, bright, classy — and seats for 3. source

7 / Don’t forget storage

Last but not least… the practical one of the bunch: storage. It’s what separates the rookies from the pros…and while I’m not certified in the storage big leagues, it really makes a difference. Whether it’s a bookcase loaded with file boxes and baskets, or a rolling file cabinet that fits discreetly under your desk, those #detailsmatter.

My advice? Whatever you choose, keep things clear and uncluttered—and make sure you pick a system that works for you…your mental health, and productivity, will thank you!

built in cabinets wooden desk blue shiplap orange pendant modern chair inspirational home office
Great storage options in this space… even for the speakers! And a big shout out to paint for once again showing off its superpowers. source

Okay, no more excuses…we all can have a corner to call our own. And while I bet your “colleagues” will notice a difference in a new home office (or home school) spot, we’re really shooting for you to create a place you can focus, thrive, and enjoy.

If you need help pulling your #wfh together, we’d love to help. Check out our VIP Strategy Sessions (coming soon!)—sessions that meet you where you are, wherever you live, and help you create a space you can love. If you can’t wait to renovate your current space and make it more joyful and livable than ever, we’d love to talk. 🙂

Let’s make some magic together and create a home you can love! You ready?


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